The Swap

The Swap by Antony Moore

It didn’t mean much to him. He pitied the kid, the one everyone (including himself bullied and picked on. Bleeder Odd the called him. Besides, it was only a comic; whereas Bleeder’s length of plastic could chop down grass.

However now it’s twenty years later, and Harvey will never forget that day. The day he swapped away a mint condition Superman One. A comic now worth over 200,000 pounds. The irony that he now owns a comic book shop doesn’t escape him, and the “what ifs” plague his thoughts….what if he hadn’t swapped? What if Bleeder still had it? Or, even worse, what if Bleeder had just thrown it away?

With his twenty year high school reunion coming up, Harvey decides that if Bleeder shows up at the reunion, he could maybe find a way to tactfully inquire about the comic. Make it sound nostalgic, like a random remembrance, rather than something he has thought about everyday for twenty years. Maybe if the comic still exists, Harvey could even get Bleeder to swap it back to him.

However, things quickly spiral out of control for Harvey. After talking with Bleeder (who is no longer a scrawny, bullied kid but a well off man called by his proper name of Charles), Harvey is convinces himself that the Superman One still exists. Thinking that he may find it at Bleeder’s old house, he decided to break in and look for it and finds more than he bargained for.

Part murder mystery, part boyhood nostalga,The Swap is a darkly comic (no pun intended), centering on an elusive “white whale”…in this case Superman One.


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