Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

Despite my small addiction to romantic comedy movies, I spend very little time reading the equivalent chiclit book genre (teen books aside…I’m currently refering to just adult fiction). I have my favorite authors in this genre…Cecelia Ahern, Jane Green, Meg Cabot…but sometimes I get tired waiting for them to publish a new book and I find myself craving a nice adult fiction chic-lit book. Emily Giffin’s book Something Borrowed was recommended recently by a friend, and it one defintely took care of the craving perfectly.

Ever since they moved next door to each other twenty five years ago, Rachel and Darcy have been best friends, despite Darcy being “that girl”. The popular girl who always must be on top, one upping and using her friends in order to always get her way. Rachel used to defend Darcy, saying that was just who she is. But now they are turning 30, Darcy is getting married and Rachel is beginning to wonder if it is really worth it to always keep putting Darcy ahead of herself.

Then the completely unplanned happens, after a drunken night of celebrating her 30th birthday, Rachel sleeps with Darcy’s fiancee Dexter. At first she is willing to pretend it never happened, but when Dex admits he has had feelings for her since their law school days, Rachel must admit that she just may feel the same way. But is Dexter willing to leave the perfect Darcy? Is Darcy really perfect? And will Rachel finally take a stand and put her own feelings and needs before Darcy’s?

Something Borrowed was a great read, Giffin has created some great characters who perfectly demonstrate the morally ambiguous world we live in. This is also the first in a series, one which I hope continues to be as good as this first book was.


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